Saturday, March 7, 2009

Will PPSMI rest in peace?

. Saturday, March 7, 2009

Commenting on this issue, i don't know why the Ministry of Education could not come up with a good and quick solution in order to solve or handle this massacre situation right now. There were hundreds of officers and personal experts in the organizations but this little issue they could not find or think a way for the "win win situations between conservative protesters malay spoken and the ministry" in order that english language will remain in maths and science subject. Well, if you (Ministry of Education personal) read this article, please tell your ministry to take a wise men action solution. Instead of abolishing PPSMI or "no english in maths and science" what you can do is, you should produce a bilingual text books. Example:

Selesaikan operasi tambah dibawah ini. (Bahasa Malaysia)
Solve the adding operation below. (English)

Easy right?...

Apart from that, let the teachers decide what language they want to use in the school. I am very sure that teachers will use malay language if he or she know that most of the students have problem in the ability to understand english language. While maybe in some schools they still can proceed with english as medium of learning. Not only that, what the minister can do is that in every semester exam or UPSR, PMR and SPM exams the examinations questions must must be provided in bilingual the Bahasa Malaysia and English.

I wonder why so many malays join the PPSMI protest today? Do they really want to preserve the Bahasa Malaysia? Indeed if they really want to preserve this precious language, they should also include in the memorandum for "No English In Interview" or "No English in KFC or Mc Donald or Burger King, advertisement, etc." am i right?


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